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Axel (Corps Security)

Axel (Corps Security) - Harper Sloan I have mixed feelings about this one....I really liked Axel, I mean good Lord he is alpha to the max with a dirty mouth to boot.....panting just thinking about it ;) Izzy, not so much:( She was a little too whiny for my liking, but I still did really enjoy this book, especially the last 40-50%. The first half was very intense and angsty but I felt it was a little overdone considering one sentence out of Izzy's mouth would have ended the drama and confusion a lot sooner. The whole lack of communication thing is my least favorite technique authors use to cause drama in books between characters, it just seems so unrealistic and manufactured. Overall 3-3.5 stars for Axels' sexy alpha deliciousness ;) I will definitely continue this series, Greg's book is next and he rocked this book as a supporting character and is definitely one swoon-worthy hunk-o-man!!!