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For You - Kristen Ashley

Boy, Kristen Ashley is a fantastic story teller! This is only my second KA book and I plan to catch up on all her series' ASAP. There are plenty of reviews and I'm kind of late to the KA party so I'll keep this short…

What I liked:

*Alec/Colt: super sexy, alpha, bad ass….umm yes please!

*February: Kick-ass, witty, intelligent heroine…thank God!

*A wacky supporting cast of characters that kept things funny, interesting, and unconventional…loved them all :D

*The suspense element was carried out perfectly throughout the story, so many authors really screw up romantic suspense…KA is a master at it!

*Well thought out plot twists…what a roller coaster!!

*Loved the Purdue references :) Go Boilers!!

What I didn't like:

*Too long: I often found myself wondering…do I need this much descriptive detail about things that don't seem to be important to the story?? No, I think not!

*Steam factor: I was definitely disappointed by the sexy, or lack there of… I was anticipating much steamier scenes based on how highly rated KA books are. Hoping they get better as the series goes on :D